Teachers, are you doing this?

integrityIntegrity is a primary value. In teaching, and also in our general day, we face many situations where we have a choice between doing nothing or doing that which is right.

What do you do when a  cashier misses charging you for an item and gives it to you even though you did not pay? Or, what about when you are given back more money as change than you were supposed to get? What do you do when you feel like a couple of students in your class have not really understood a concept, but you don’t have more time to go over it? What do you do when you may have said something in class, and discovered later that you were wrong? Sometimes, we are more cautious about being ethical in the “bigger things,” but might let smaller incidences slip.

The reason I am bringing this up is not to point fingers or criticize. Ask yourself, are you a role model of integrity for our students?

How might seeing teachers model integrity help students? Or, do you think integrity is even an issue in our classrooms?

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