Teachers joining with parents to create change

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Check Out the New Blog The need to grow and provide a better educational experience has been recognized by both teachers and schools today. But, where do we start? And, how can we ensure that what we start carries on? So many schools and classroom try out new ideas and strategies, which fizzle out in a matter of weeks or months, just because there were no plans for sustainability.

One great way to make changes sustainable is to involve parents and the community in the process. Schools can reach out to and welcome parents, our children’s first and most important teachers, into the schools and their child’s learning. Parents, teachers and the community can work together to support and encourage our children to work diligently in their education and improve their learning.

Parents can often help provide the support that teachers may need to implement a new strategy or take on a new activity. In the classroom, parents may be volunteers who actually come into the school environment, or they may simply just carry on a teacher’s ideas and plans at home with their child. The input and practical suggestions from parents can be quite valuable.

What are some ways that we can help parents get excited and involved in the process of educational change?

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One Response to “Teachers joining with parents to create change”
  1. As we know, and studies continue to show, parents are important partners in the education of our students. Our children succeed when we all work together towards this common goal. It’s important that, as educators, we communicate this effectively to parents and, as you stated above, get parents involved in the process. Simple things like a welcoming environment as parents (and their children) enter the campus and front office. A newsletter from the Principal on a regular basis highlighting some of the great things the students are doing. A weekly newsletter from the classroom teacher describing the learning that’s going on in the classroom along with suggested ways to reinforce the learning at home. The newsletters do not need to be long, and once they are set up, they are easy to maintain. But they serve the important purpose of connecting parents to school.

    Parents should also have opportunities to get involved at school on a more academic level. We’re so used to parents running fund-raising events, which, in this climate of ever-decreasing budgets, is critical. But there are other important ways to involve parents, as well. These could include opportunities to run small groups in the classroom or help with family reading, science, and math nights. Or even being the parental voice on the site council which makes many instructional and academic decisions.

    Good things happen when we all work together. As educators, one of our greatest resources is our parents. Finding ways to genuinely involve them is a win/win for everyone.

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