What are Different Types of Attention?

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Check Out the New Blog There are different types of attention that contribute to academic and occupational success. They are as follows.

  • Sustained Attention – This attention type enables a student to stay on a task for a long period of time. The attention of the student in this case does not move away from the task.
  • Selective Attention – This attention type enables a student to stay on task even when a distraction is present.
  • Divided Attention – This attention type allows a student to handle two or more tasks at one time. It lets the student pay attention to different tasks even as he or her multi-tasks.

In order to identify a particular attention type from among the three different types of attention, it is suggested that you watch for a student’s inability to:

  • stay on a task for long periods of time,
  • ignore distractions, or
  • multi-task.
How do you help students overcome difficulties in the various types of attention?

From Professional Learning Board’s online continuing education course for teachers: Cognitive Skills – Understanding Learning Challenges

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