What are some Common Issues Teachers must Watch out for Regarding Ethics and Education?

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Check Out the New Blog Ethics and education need to be go hand-in-hand.

Areas of vulnerability within a professional environment can be considered as “hot spots” in ethical practice. Such areas of greatest risk regarding ethical concerns in education may include, but are not limited to, conduct, assessment and planning. Conduct can include boundary violations, abuse or improper relationships.

In the context of ethics and education, teachers should have vision, hope and creativity. However, be cautious as sarcasm and cynicism tend to inhibit these qualities. Cynicism and sarcasm are often signs of anger or pain and they should be respectfully addressed so that possible deeper needs and concerns of instructors can be nurtured.

Assessment of students is another “hot spot” of ethical practices. Teachers must be honest about this ethical habit. Falsification of data or information related to assessment violates every model of ethical conduct and law.

While on the surface, in the moment, or initially such conduct may seem to benefit students or the school, it in fact injures not only both the student and school, but also the teacher and society as well.

Good planning is a part of the commitment that every teacher needs to make as a professional. Remember, teachers are committed to prudence.

Prudence, for centuries meant the establishment of right goals and selecting the right means to achieve this goal. A prudent teacher creates the right goals and selects the best means to accomplish the goals.

Learning activities and lesson plans are developed in advance and the learning environment is created and assessed in a dynamic way so that it addresses the real needs of each student maximally, across all modes of learning.

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