What are the Strengths of Students with ADHD?

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Check Out the New Blog slideStudents with ADHD have many positive traits that are directly tied to their active, impulsive minds. While diagnostic criteria and treatment plans focus on negative aspects of hyperactivity, impulsive problems or attention deficits, there are a lot of positive aspects regarding children with ADHD. Teachers should note that not all children with ADHD will have all these positive traits or qualities but usually they will discover a broad array of strengths. For example, in areas that students with ADHD find interesting, they can often spend hours immersed in projects or activities. Significant achievements can result from this.

Creativity: People with ADHD often excel at associative thinking that enables them to think outside of the box. This ability can help in brainstorming and finding creative solutions. With the right help, students with ADHD can be independent learners.

Enthusiastic Energy: Students with ADHD often get excited about ideas and projects. They make good cheerleaders for a cause. Their lively minds make them good company and once engaged they often sustain energy for long periods of time.

Quick Thinking: People with ADHD often have the ability to take in information quickly, multitask and, when interested in the topic, adapt. These students are generally great help in an emergency.

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