What is a Master Notebook System?

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Check Out the New Blog A master notebook system help students organize their notes and other papers into folders.Being organized helps us plan ahead to be efficient and perform better while disorganized behavior results in a messy cluttered way of approaching tasks and often has a negative impact on performance. Students who are disorganized spend more time and effort searching for the necessary tools and information instead of focusing on the task at hand. For such students, the Master Notebook System helps them organize their work and stay on top of their game.

What is the Master Notebook System?

The Master Notebook System is a method to help students arrange their work and material in one folder and free from clutter. Through this system, students can compile notes and other work in an easy, neat and efficient system. The system comprises of three main parts: the Working Folder, Reserve File and Reference Book.

Working Folder

This folder is taken to class every day and the class work is arranged under various headings. Students can create sections for each subject and store papers or notes in the right sections. They can also maintain homework and assignments under each subject title. The working folder can also have a sheet on which daily information is noted, like dates for submission of assignments, test, etc. Encourage the students to prepare another assignment submission sheet with two columns – To Do and Finished – to help them plan ahead. The folder can help students ensure that they complete all necessary class work by checking the file daily.

To start a working file, students may need a large binder in which papers may be assembled. Use section dividers to segregate the start of each subject and colored sticky notes to find pages easily. They should also have paper clips or stapler pins to pin their papers together. Remind your students to date each paper that goes into the file.

Reserve File

Completed work and those not required for class goes into the reserve file. This file is maintained at home or kept in the student’s locker and acts as a store house. Students are instructed to transfer completed material from the working file to the reserve file at the end of every week to prevent the working file from getting too crowded.

The reserve file may also have different sections for each subject. This can be organized as weekly units with an index page on which students may note the topics taught that week. This can help students prepare for examinations easily.

Reference book

The reference book consists of resources students may require that year. This can be maintained as a whole folder or even at the back of the working folder. The reference book may also include tips, schedules, handouts given in the class and other items specific to a student’s needs.

The master notebook system, therefore, is a portable filing system that assists students to plan and complete their class work effectively.

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