What is the SAMR Model for Technology Integration?

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How does the SAMR Model help us with technology integration in the classroom?

What is the SAMR Model for Technology Integration?

Application of technology in classrooms enables us to modify, facilitate and enhance the process of active learning. But the increasing number of technology options can make the selection and integration process of classroom technology confusing and challenging. This confusion can be abated by the application of the SAMR Model for technology integration.

The SAMR Model was developed by Dr. Reuben Puentedura as a framework to help teachers identify more meaningful and useful ways of selecting and using technology in the classroom. It enables the effective use and application of technology in the classroom.

The SAMR Model

The acronym SAMR stands for 4 levels of technology integration: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition. Let’s take a closer look at each of these levels and how it affects the teaching and learning process.


In this level, technology is considered as a tool substitute with no functional change. This can be done by upgrading or updating tools, while keeping constant the functional use.

Application: Writing Assignment

Previously, we relied on the pen and paper for writing assignments. But now we rely on computers and applications like Microsoft Word, Google Docs and other programs to write and submit assignments.


Technology is described as a tool substitute with some functional improvements. Additional uses or benefits of the technology are explored and applied in this level.

Application: Google Docs does not merely help us with the physical task of writing. Instead, we make use of its additional functions like spell check, language correction, grammar check, and thesaurus to prepare assignments of quality standards.


Technology is a tool that allows for significant redesign of lessons. According to this level, the tool is used not just for performing the same functional task, but to modify or redesign parts of the whole activity to transform and enhance student learning. For example, using a voice to text application, students with limited physical ability can still engage in the process of writing.

Application: The sharing and commenting features present in Google Docs allows for an immediate feedback and correction system. Students can share the drafts of their writing assignments with the teachers and get them reviewed before working on the final documents, resulting in production of higher quality assignments.


Technology is used to create new tasks and activities which were previously inconceivable within a traditional classroom. It allows us to reimagine and revitalize the learning process in the classroom.

Application: Instead of writing the assignment, students can be instructed to use different multimedia tools and applications for creating a presentation.

In short, the SAMR Model for technology integration helps teachers to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of pieces of technology for their classrooms , simplifying the process of  selection and implementation of that technology. A printable of the SAMR Model is available for your classrooms.

SAMR  Model for Technology Integration

Below is given the four levels of the SAMR Model with an example of its application in the classroom.


Substitution Technology acts as a tool substitute with  no changes to its functional application. Using different note taking tools like Evernote                for recording notes in class.
Augmentation Technology act as a tool substitute with some changes in its functional use. Students use the sharing and commenting          features to add to or edit the notes.
Modification Technology allows for the redesigning           of the tasks. Use multimedia tools to create interactive                notes.
Redefinition Technology allows for the creation of new tasks and activities that were previously inconceivable within a traditional lesson. Upload notes on a common class blog or site to facilitate sharing of information.


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