What Should I Keep in Mind While Choosing Teams for Bulletin Board Projects?

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Check Out the New Blog WhatShouldIKeepinMindWhileChoosingTeamsforBulletinBoardProjectsIt is important to have activities within the classroom that students can work on together. Working in teams reinforces good social skills and at the same time creates harmony in your classroom.

By creating monthly bulletin boards together; students can reinforce and enable increased learning through exploration. Everyone wants the good artist on their team since the ultimate reward is a great looking bulletin board. This can be a real self-esteem booster for any artists who may be more introverted.

A good strategy is the careful consideration in the grouping of students to include any who may be weaker academically but artistically talented in each group.  This is because, all students need to have success and creating bulletin boards is a fun and effective means for helping them experience success in a classroom. This can When a student struggles in some areas, highlighting their strong work in a display helps showcase their abilities. It is important for teachers to look for and find ways to allow students to be successful in the classroom.

Thus, allowing a student to create a bulletin board in a classroom can provide the student who has difficulties in a particular subject area, a path for success.

Another area to consider while planning the teams for a bulletin board, is the personalities of the students. A group that has too many strong personalities and one introvert, may not allow the space for the introvert to contribute. Similarly, teacher’s may also use their knowledge of the student’s friendships and relationships to form a strong team.

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