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On of the most valuable insights I’ve found from writing the Accommodating All Learners course is the learning style inventory results. I learned that according to this Myers-Briggs type exercise I’m an “ENTJ”. For me, this is both a surprise and not a surprise. Prior to taking this inventory, I had “self-diagnosed” myself`as an INTJ.

E – I consider myself to be an iNtrovert (5) much more than an Extrovert (7) but I believe (and I’ve been told) that others view me as an extrovert. Perhaps this is a ‘show’ that I’ve developed to establish balance in my relationships.

N – This category was the only one that demonstrated a clear tendency (11). Without a doubt I consider myself iNtuitive.

T/F – The Thinker or Feeler dimension was equally split (6/6). Because of my high iNtuition (the Feeler is represented there), I decided to let the T shine here. 

J – Split as above (7/5) although this time I agree 100% that I am more a Judger than Perceiver (also represented somewhat in my iNtuitive results).

This has brought all sorts of questions to mind including:

  • As a group, do teachers have similar learning styles?
  • What about grouped by subject-matter or grade level?
  • Do math/art/PE/language teachers tend toward like learning styles?
  • Do elementary level teachers find their learning style to differ from that of secondary or post-secondary educators?
  • Is there any correlation between business teachers and people working in business?

If you’ve participated in this exercise, did the learning inventory accurately capture who you know yourself to be?



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