Why use Graphic Organizers in the Classroom?

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Enhance learning by using graphic organizers in the classroom. Different cognitive organizers can add another level to learning that is helpful for the students as well as the teacher.

What are graphic organizers?

 Graphic organizers are defined as a visual display demonstrating the relationship between facts, ideas and concepts. Using visual and spatial modalities, graphic organizers enable students to organize, comprehend and internalize new learning. Here we will be taking a closer look at the benefits of using graphic organizers in the classroom.

Why use graphic organizers in the classroom?

Using graphic organizers can be extremely helpful for both students and teachers. It simplifies the teaching and the learning process while making it more enjoyable and interactive for everyone.

Teaching with graphic organizers

Graphic organizers have dual functions. They are effective as both a teaching and learning tool. As an instructional strategy it helps teachers:

  • Introduce a topic
  • Activate prior knowledge and linkit with new information
  • Organize content to be presented and a visually summarize the lesson once taught
  • Assess student comprehension, identify and address any questions or clarifications needed

Learning with graphic organizers

Now let’s explore the benefits of graphic organizers as a learning tool:

Increases student engagement: The use of graphic organizers provides a hands on approach to learning. These tools, when incorporated in the lesson, provide students with the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to their learning process. The designs of the graphical organizers and the act of organizing content serves to stimulate both the creative and logical parts of the brain. It also helps to develop team dynamics when given as a group activity.

Facilitates cognitive processes: Through the use of graphic organizers various cognitive skills like brainstorming, generation of ideas, organizing and prioritizing content, critical analysis and reflection can be developed. The exposure to the various tools helps improve the student’s capacity for active learning. The visual representations also serve as visual cues aiding retention and recall of concepts and their relations. This is highly useful when reviewing notes before examinations.

Improves comprehension: The use of graphic organizers allows for a deeper understanding of the content. The pictorial representations enable students to break down bigger ideas or concepts into smaller, simpler illustrations that are easily comprehended. Another primary advantage of this visual learning tool is its effectiveness in facilitating learning among students with disabilities.

The use of graphic organizers improves learning in the classroom. Though very simple to the eye, graphic organizers are powerful tools, highly instrumental in altering and improving the teaching-learning process in the classroom.

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