National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) Conference in Minneapolis

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As the NCEA 2010 conference is rapidly approaching, we’re excited to welcome you to our home town. Here’s some information you may not know about the Professional Learning Board and […]

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With the rampant speed at which technology impacts options in teaching and learning it is no longer appropriate to just believe that we must teach 21st century skills. This is now an absolute. Our students are using technology […]

In the Classroom: Access to Technology

I recently started volunteering twice a week teaching computers at an area high school. We have been doing mostly discussing (not using any machines yet) and I told the students to write down a particular website. To which I was met by a bunch of blank stares. Not one student had a notebook […]

Walmart Presents Kids in Detroit With Hope Through Change

AOL reports that Walmart stores and Detroit Public Schools Schools have teamed up to “offer students a for-credit after-school class that teaches job-readiness.” For a city that has been hit by a 50 percent unemployment rate and shrinking tax base, this partnership presents students with an opportunity to learn from America’s  largest private […]

In The Classroom: Project-based Math

In The Classroom: Project-based Math

Building a boat to learn physics and algebra? The students at Eagle Rock have been pushing the limits of project based learning in order to stretch their minds and put their learning to use on some pretty big projects.

COMPETITION: Doodle4Google

Google is both a noun “What does Google have to say?” and a verb “Google it and find out.” This competition encourages K-12 students in U.S. schools to showcase their art around the word Google and on’s homepage. Register your school at Doodle 4 Google The theme is “If I Could Do Anything, I Would . . . ” and competition details can be found on the Official Google Blog.

PARENTS: Boost Your Child's HQ (Homework Quotient)

Is “homework” a source of dread, dissension, perhaps even disgust in your home? Are you wondering what prevents your children from getting homework done, done on time, and done willingly? Here are four common productivity-dragons and suggestions on how to “slay” them.
Make certain the child has a space set aside […]

Teaching Current Events

During a recent interview, I was asked how I could possibly gather 500 teaching tips (which were the basis of a recent book). “Where did all that creativity come from,” the reporter wanted to know. My reply:
The creativity comes from being responsive to the world around us. For example, a news article about […]

Picking the Perfect Font

VIDEO: I Need My Teachers to Learn 2.0

Also by Kevin Honeycutt…
The Online Safety Song

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