How can I Reach Different Types of Learners in the Classroom?

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Check Out the New Blog Understanding the different types of learners would help you relate to them better.One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is to find ways to succeed with different types of learners, not just those with whom they have a natural affinity.

In order to meet this challenge, one may follow the below mentioned principles:

Principle #1 – Know Yourself and Your Teaching Style

As teachers, we need to have an awareness of who we are, what we value and our natural “default preferences.” It is recommended to begin with a process of self-reflection. As we learn more about our own tendencies, how they may have limited us in the past, and come to understand the needs of our students, especially those who are different from us, we naturally discover more tools to meet the challenges of teaching.

Principle #2 – Understand Your Student’s Learning Styles

Gain an understanding of each of your students’ learning styles and needs and promote a community of learners, respectful of one another’s strengths and differences.

Principle #3 – Supportive Strategies

Using teaching methodologies and strategies that promote the maximum degree of success for students of all types/styles means we must have well established pedagogical tools that are effective across learning styles.

The simplest way to ensure a group of students with diverse learning styles succeeds is to incorporate pedagogical practices that promote cross-type success, and avoid practices that are ineffective, regardless of type.

Principle #4 – Teach Across Type

Be mindful and respectful of the needs of students on the other side of each learning style dimension by understanding both sides and offering strategies that meet the needs of students who work out of opposing preferences. As we become more knowledgeable of our own preferences, it is common to discover that it has been easier to teach in ways that have worked better for the students on our same side of each of the four dimensional fences.

Principle #5 – Students Work to their Strengths

Providing opportunities for students to work in their strengths areas for some part of the overall learning experience enables us to best reach all learners.

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Discuss Here: What are some of the other principles that you may use in your classroom to help different types of learners?

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