How can I use Pre-assessment for Gifted Students in the Classroom?

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Check Out the New Blog It is helpful to understand what gifted students in the classroom have comprehended on a particular subject.Teachers have the option to administer the end of the chapter test before the content has been taught, in order to validates what the learner knows. Unfortunately, this does not offer direction on where the student should be headed. Pre-assessment, which takes many forms other than pre-testing, is a preferred approach.

One of the best things about using a pre-assessment approach is that teachers already have the materials they need. Following are some ways in which teachers can use pre-assessment to determine what gifted students in the classroom knows about a subject.

The teacher may have the student…

  • try the difficult problems first and make up some original ones
  • do the study sheet and write a summary before the lesson starts
  • look over the chapter and pick the ten (number optional) key concepts; after confirming content awareness, the learner chooses one topic for in-depth study
  • create a concept map to demonstrate previously acquired knowledge
  • make a flow chart about the lesson/experiment
  • finish a fill-in-the blanks exercise about the topic – or write one
  • do a ‘fast write’ that touches upon key points assigned
  • create an original product on this lesson/unit that gives evidence of full knowledge, comprehension and application of the concepts

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