How can Morning Minute Challenges be used for Teaching Gifted Learners?

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Check Out the New Blog We need to think of creative challenges while teaching gifted learners.Gifted learners are generally curious at the start of the day. “Will there be anything new and exciting for me?” The Morning Minute Challenges is a useful tool when teaching gifted learners.

Keep a folder of clippings and resource tips in a visible and consistent location in the classroom, so that students will know where to look and begin each class period with a Morning Minute challenge.  A special corner of the white board or an easel with posted directives can provide instant focus: this is the Morning Minute for today.

Ideas for Morning Minutes can come from many places including: crossword puzzles, textbook teacher editions, cereal boxes and even daydreams. These quick activities are free, and make wonderful teachable moments!

Seasoned teachers use Morning Minutes in every classroom because they know that:

  • Every learner can take a crack at this daily puzzle, regardless of ability.
  • Material can be free as long as the teacher remembers to keep an eye out for it.
  • The classroom management piece is wonderful. All children know enough to sit down and open their Morning Minute journals as soon as they take their seats.
  • A brief discussion (and revelation) puts closure on the Morning Minute activity for some and gets those critical thinking gears moving for others.

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