How can we Identify Talented and Gifted Students?

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Check Out the New Blog Most talented and gifted students demonstrate: above average ability, commitment to task and a high level of creativity. A simple checklist can sometimes help the classroom teacher consider the characteristics of each student in a classroom. This initial instrument might guide something as basic as determining the makeup of tiered instruction groups.

The following checklist is a tool that might be useful in considering each child’s learning attributes, not only those considered to be gifted.

  • Enjoys challenging and difficult tasks
  • Generates excitement in others
  • Recalls information readily
  • Is a self-starter
  • Sees more than the obvious solution to a problem
  • Transfers knowledge from one area to another
  • Comprehends at an advanced level
  • Works two or more levels beyond current grade curriculum in Math or Reading
  • Acquires basic information quickly
  • Strives to attain perfection

A learner who possesses seven or more of these characteristics might be given further consideration for placement in an acceleration and enrichment program. Note, this is not a diagnostic tool and the placement in a gifted program should involve additional assessment. Gifted education specialists can collaborate with classroom teachers on implementation within a particular school or district model.

How can you identify talented and gifted students in your classroom?

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