How do I go about Integrating Technology into the Curriculum?

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Check Out the New Blog Integrating technology into the curriculum needs carefully planning.The first step in integrating technology into the curriculum is to sit down and plan carefully. Using a template would help you in this function.

The template below can act as a starting point for integrating these tools into your classroom. Remember, the goal isn’t to use technology just so you can say you used technology, it’s to enhance the curriculum you’re already working with!

Lesson Summary (WHY):

What’s this lesson about? In other words, why will the students care about this?

Objectives (WHAT):

What specifically should students know when they’re done with this lesson?

What specifically should students be able to do when they’re done with this lesson?

Learning Tasks (HOW):

How will students learn that which they need to know and do? Think carefully about each task. Is it a problem to be solved? Is there data that needs to be analyzed or materials to be put together?

Learning Task Web Site or Computer Application


Students demonstrate that they’ve learned what it is they need to know.

Demonstration of Learned Task Web Site or Computer Application

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Discuss Here: What are some other templates that one may use in the classroom for integrating technology into the curriculum?

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