How do I Provide the Right Tools for Different Types of Learners?

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Check Out the New Blog Teachers need to recognize the different types of learners in the classroom.There are no “regular” students. The notion of broad categories of learners: smart, not smart, disabled, not disabled, regular, not regular, etc. is a gross oversimplification that does not reflect reality. By categorizing students in this way, we miss subtle and critical learner characteristics.

Different types of learners have unique characteristics and varied strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Educators hoping to get the most accurate picture of students’ capacities must carefully consider the materials and tools available to them. It is at the intersection of student characteristics and the tools they use that abilities are defined. By understanding characteristics and providing them with the right tools, teachers can enhance students’ abilities.

Characteristics + Tools = Ability to Know & Do

A student who questions everything, with access to the Internet, can swiftly discern the credibility of resources. A learner with great memorization skills will be able to access information quickly with the Internet. And a student, whose character enables him to see art everywhere, may be able to create visual designs when given this same tool.

With a different tool, these three learners would achieve different successes. Suppose a teacher presents each of these students with the same broken chair. The student who questions everything may suggest an improved design. The student with a wonderful memory might explain in detail to a third-party who does not see the chair exactly what needs to be fixed. And the student who sees art everywhere may simply repair the chair.

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