SELF-STUDY: Standards and Communications in Teaching (15 hours)

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In an age where there are multiple approaches to teaching and educating students, it becomes important to ensure that a particular standard is maintained. This package helps teachers achieve goals, while empowering you with skills and tools to deliver the best of quality education. Standards and Communications in Teaching is a three part integrated course that will highlight various strategies for facilitating student learning and improving academic achievement.

The first section of this course will help you understand more about standards-based education, and the second section will equip you with assessment tools that help maintain these standards. Together, they will help you explore the challenges in incorporating standards; as well as provide strategies to help you overcome any obstacles.

The last section of the course will enhance professional development by presenting tools, techniques and resources to advance skills in using the latest technology. “Introduction to Technology for Teachers” highlights the advantages of using technology as both a resource and a tool for educators in their classrooms.

This course is rich with practical ideas, strategies and exercises that will equip you with an extensive knowledge that contributes to improved student performance.

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