SELF-STUDY: Cultural Competency and Reflective Teaching (10 hours)

“Our teaching and learning reflect who we are.”
This course demonstrates responsive teaching in the classroom by helping teachers consider and build competence in meeting the many learning needs of all students while addressing culturally diverse classrooms that are sensitive and equitable to learners across languages, genders, religions, cultural backgrounds, and special needs. Designed to […]

Reaching Diverse Learners (1 Iowa LRC – Self Study)

“I really appreciate the abundance of ideas for teaching ELLs that I learned in this course. There were so many techniques and ideas shared, and I feel as if I have a toolbox to use in my classroom.”
Diversity is becoming a very real issue in our classrooms today. We have […]

Technology for Student Learning (1 Iowa LRC – Self Study)

“Explore how you can use technology to effectively ‘flip’ your classroom and enhance your students’ learning experience.”
Teachers in this course learn to transform a traditional classroom into one that uses technology and embraces classroom engagement. Teachers learn how to critically consider apps and software, specific implications of use and […]

SELF-STUDY: Cultural Competency and Responsive Teaching (5 hours)


Meeting students’ needs across diverse cultural backgrounds.
Teachers deepen their understanding of their own frames of reference, potential bias, and impact on expectations for and relationships with students, students’ families and school communities.
This course demonstrates responsive teaching in the classroom by helping teachers consider, connect with, and build competence in meeting […]

SELF-STUDY: Visual Aids in the Classroom (15 hours)

“Visuals speak louder than words”
It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual. Visual aids help to take learning beyond words and into real-life application. This online course aims to help teachers use visuals in the classroom.
Teachers will learn to identify students who are preferential visual […]

SELF-STUDY: Videos in the Classroom (5 hours)

“Want to incorporate videos in your classroom but not sure how?”
Every teacher wants students to be enthusiastic about learning. Sometimes it is a challenge to capture students’ interest as the topic may be complex or difficult to understand. Videos can do wonders to pique students’ interest and engagement.
Students […]

SELF-STUDY: Rubrics in Teaching and Learning (5 hours)

“Be consistent, yet quick, in marking all student assignments.”
A rubric is much more than an assessment too. Provide quality formative and summative feedback for students at periodic intervals throughout the year by using consistency when grading student work. Teachers use rubrics to grade a wide range of student work […]

SELF-STUDY: Mobile Technology in the Classroom (5 hours)

No longer will cell phones distract from learning.
Mobile devices can be an integral part of learning, when used intentionally. Teachers integrate smartphones, tablets, iPads, Kindle and more into everyday classroom activities while achieving learning targets. In this course, teachers learn strategies for procurement of devices, how to screen apps, […]

SELF-STUDY: Peer Coaching and Evaluation (15 hours)

Teachers Connecting as Lifelong Learners
The goal of professional development is not only the growth of the teacher, but also the achievement of high education standards, teacher retention, staff collegiality and efficacy. Learning as a community of educators, and from each other is one of the best ways teachers can […]

SELF-STUDY: Money for Classrooms (15 hours)

Save, seek and secure funds.
Need money to meet classroom or school needs?
Every teacher wants to give the best to their students. No one wants a child’s education to be hindered by money or resources. This course provides teachers with well-researched money saving and seeking strategies that can be implemented […]

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