SELF-STUDY: Cultural Competency and Responsive Teaching (5 hours)


Meeting students’ needs across diverse cultural backgrounds.
Teachers deepen their understanding of their own frames of reference, potential bias, and impact on expectations for and relationships with students, students’ families and school communities.
This course demonstrates responsive teaching in the classroom by helping teachers consider, connect with, and build competence in […]

SELF-STUDY: Mobile Technology in the Classroom (5 hours)

No longer will cell phones distract from learning.
Mobile devices can be an integral part of learning, when used intentionally. Teachers integrate smartphones, tablets, iPads, Kindle and more into everyday classroom activities while achieving learning targets. In this course, teachers learn strategies for procurement of devices, how to screen apps, […]

SELF-STUDY: Visuals in Learning (5 hours)

“See the possibilities for your classroom.”
Understanding and using visual materials is an important life skill and advantageous for students. We have come to a point where visuals are at par with words in daily communication.
Schools must take seriously the task of teaching students to decipher, as well as create, […]

SELF-STUDY: Recognize Early-onset Mental Health Disorders and Prevent Suicide (5 hours)

“A healthy mind is the first step to success in the classroom.”
How can mental health disorders be addressed in the classroom? What does suicide prevention look like in schools, and how can teachers be both sensitive and effective with students? These questions and more will be explored in this […]

SELF-STUDY: Suicide Prevention Best Practices (1 hours)

Suicide is preventable.
Suicide is a sensitive issue facing schools and communities today. Suicide is a serious problem impacting children and adolescents today. Talking about it is not easy. We live in a world in which social and academic expectations are high, and suicide is sometimes seen as a last […]

SELF-STUDY: Preparing for Teacher Evaluations (5 hours)

“The best predictor of a teacher’s effectiveness is his or her past success in the classroom.”
Teaching is a demanding and challenging profession. To be a teacher-of-record, a teacher should demonstrate extensive subject-area knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and a professional teaching ability. Most importantly, their “effectiveness” must demonstrate a positive impact […]

SELF-STUDY: Assessment Strategies for the Common Core (5 hours)

“How can assessment strategies improve student learning and teacher instruction?”
Assessments are not confined to year end tests and grades. They are meant to be a part of daily teaching and learning. Good assessments are powerful – they may be used to change the way teachers teach, students learn and […]

SELF-STUDY: Peer Review of Teaching (5 hours)

“Development rather than judgment”
Do you ever wish you could have an informed discussion with a colleague about your teaching practice?
High-quality teaching has becomea national priority in recent times, particularly in the context of the No Child Left Behind Act. In turn, this focus highlights the need for meaningful evaluation […]

SELF-STUDY: Teacher Coaching (5 hours)

“Explore how teachers can attain professional development and growth by incorporating the Cognitive Coaching model.”
The growing need for professional development programs for teachers has caused many school administrators to look into the Peer Coaching model. This course takes a deeper look at a specific form of this model, known […]

SELF-STUDY: Bullying: Prevention and Policies for Schools (5 hours)

“Explore strategies and techniques to respond to bullying behavior.”
Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior and can be either covert or overt in nature. Bullying incidents vary in their severity and impact. Most mild bullying behavior can be managed by the students themselves. More severe incidents may require […]

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