Intuitive Learning Style vs. Sensate Learning Style

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Check Out the New Blog The Four Dimensions of Learning are about how we relate to the world, make sense of ideas, make decisions and manage life in general. The Sensate learning style and Intuitive learning style are about how the subject takes in information and makes sense of ideas.

This area has much to do with preferences in communication.

Sensors often prefer to talk about what is. They are practical, detail-oriented and focus on facts and procedures. They tend to see ideas more as part of the physical reality and connected to what is.

Intuitors, however, often talk about what is perceived and interpreted. They are imaginative, concept-oriented and focus on meanings and possibilities. They see ideas as a world in and of themselves and just as real as everything else.

Below is a table that sums up the difference between Sensate learning style and Intuitive learning style.



World Practical reality Sees possibilities and options
Reality Respect for what is Imagines what could be
Time orientation Present Future
Effectiveness from Experience Ingenuity
Data for tasks What works What makes sense

How can you modify learning activities to cater to sensors and intuitors in your classroom?

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