Setting Learning Goals and Objectives

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The key to examining learning goals and objectives is to identify the actions that you want the students to engage in. Rather than saying “the student will write a paper,” try something like what Dubbels (2011) listed for creating learning goals and objectives below.

  • Adaptive behavioral acts

Skillfully access, read, analyze, evaluate, integrate, and use text and graphic information in multiple print and electronic formats.

  • Judicious decision making

Think critically, creatively, and systemically to problem solve current issues, identify future opportunities and innovations, and flexibly adapt to change.

  • Efficient behavioral regulation

Work with autonomy and cooperatively with available information and build a vision for the completion of task assessing time, materials, team, skills, and needs-based assessments.

  • Sensible goal prioritization

Synthesize and clearly communicate learning, using appropriate language and presentation to achieve a specific purpose.

  • Reflectivity

Have time to discuss, explain, and transfer skills, information, and processes to new formats, technologies and audiences.

  • The proper calibration of evidence

Test or views ideas through hypothesis testing and cognitive theories of the activity and what is happening and why.

What are some ideas/ strategies you use while creating learning goals?

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