SELF-STUDY: Internet Safety in a Connected World (5 clock hours)

“This is a must have course for anyone who has children or works with children who access the Internet.”
Issues that the students of today, parents, teachers and those who are part of their world face online is the essence of this content. Participants discover areas of the Internet used […]

TOP TEN Reasons Non-Profits Must Do Online Learning

In no particular order and without further ado, here are ten top reasons for conducting online trainings:

(1) Consistent content delivery to all training participants (face-to-face seminars put the facilitator in a position to emphasize or edit content delivery)

(2) Required passing score on course assessment reinforces demonstration of understanding in order to meet training requirement

(3) Cost-effective – Cost per person is significantly less than in-person trainings when you’re looking to reach a significant audience or using online learning over a long period of time.

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