PACKAGE: Classroom Planning and Management (15 Hours)

“These courses did an excellent job teaching what they were meant to. Thanks for enriching online courses which taught me a lot of information, that I look forward to using when I go back to work!”
Even the best of teachers, with the noblest intentions are often weighed down by […]

PACKAGE: Mental Health (25 Hours)

“The format of the online courses is very accessible and easy to use. This is a great benefit considering how precious time can be.”
Educators and parents, by virtue of their roles in a child’s life, are often the first people to notice that a child may be experiencing problems […]

Immersive Learning and Professional Development

Immersive Learning and Professional Development

Immersive learning is one of the teaching strategies that some teachers like to use with their students. They put their students in a situation where they must push themselves and stretch into new territories.
I had such an experience last week. My computer broke down, and I was forced to explore the potential of […]

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