Using Blogs to Improve Parent Involvement in the Classroom

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Check Out the New Blog There are many ways to improve parent involvement in the classroom. One creative way is with the help of blogs.

Having a classroom blog would serve many purposes. Apart from encouraging parent involvement, it would motivate the students to write more, as well as, inculcate in them a sense of ownership and loyalty to their classroom.

Many parents are still unfamiliar with blogging. In order to educate them on using the blog, it may be helpful to invite them to the classroom to talk about the blog, take their questions and listen to their concerns. Make sure the parents sign permission slips that outline the blogging details. An upgraded school media release can also serve this purpose.

A blog can be a wonderful home-school communication system and can help get parent involvement in the classroom. Do remember, however, that if the parents are not familiar with reading blogs, they may need to be reminded to visit it.

What are some of the ways in which you could get the classroom blog started?

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