Using Feedback to Motivate Students in the Classroom

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Check Out the New Blog In the previous post, we talked about using curiosity as a strategy to motivate students in the classroom. Today, we will look on how a teacher can use feedback to motivate the students in the classroom.

Teachers can increase their student’s investment in learning by giving them frequent feedback about how they are doing and by encouraging their work efforts.

Here are some ideas that a teacher might use to give specific, timely academic feedback:

  • Grade short samples of student work often (e.g., collecting individual paragraphs rather than waiting for a full term paper).
  • Create rubrics for students to evaluate the quality of their own work.
  • Have students maintain their own records of self-graded or self-evaluated work.
  • When the student is “stuck” and unable to complete a problem, coach the student, offering ideas for approaching the problem in different ways.

A constructive feedback helps the child to reflect upon and stay motivated on their learning and learning process.

Taken from the course, Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies, at Professional Learning Board.

Are there other ways in which you have used feedback to motivate students in the classroom?


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