What is the Paired Reading Strategy?

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Check Out the New Blog Teacher And Schoolgirl Reading Together At DeskThis reading fluency intervention prompts the student to read independently with prompt corrective feedback. Each session lasts 10-15 minutes.


The teacher selects an engaging passage at the student’s instructional level.

The student is told that the teacher and student will begin the session reading aloud in unison.

The student is also told that, whenever the student chooses, he/she can give a silent signal (e.g., lightly tapping the teacher’s wrist); at this signal, the teacher will stop reading aloud and instead follow along silently while the student continues to read aloud.

In addition, the student is told that, if he/she hesitates for three seconds or longer or misreads a word when reading aloud independently, the teacher will correct the student and then resume reading in unison.


The session begins with the teacher and student reading aloud together. Whenever the student commits a reading error or hesitates for three seconds or longer (during either unison or independent reading), the teacher stops the student, points to and says the error word, has the student read the word aloud correctly, has the student read the surrounding phrase that includes the error word, and resumes reading in unison.

The teacher also praises the student for using the silent signal to read aloud independently and occasionally praises other aspects of the student’s reading performance or effort.

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