What should I keep in mind while helping Students create a Classroom Bulletin Board?

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Check Out the New Blog Sharing your vision of the classroom bulletin board can help the students climb aboard.The primary benefit of a teacher-student created board is that students may actively interact with the bulletin board content. This gives them a sense of ownership and pride.

Careful planning, grouping and organization is key to make the classroom bulletin board creation process a learning experience for the students. As with any group project, working with the students together for one common outcome can be challenging.

In teacher-student created boards and student-created boards, clear expectations are essential for success. Help students understand your vision before you start by sharing the overall plan for the bulletin board. Show them a sketch of the layout, if possible.

Communicate the central theme to ensure that students’ ideas and plans are in alignment. Write the topic clearly on the board so that students can remember to stay with it. Clarify what students need to do by providing verbal and/or written instructions. Be sure to lay out any specific rules or boundaries as well. Let students know where they can find the materials and tools they need. While working with older students, encourage them to create and share their vision and plans.

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