Why Implement Standards in Schools?

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Check Out the New Blog Often the importance of setting realistic and achievable standards in schools are underestimated. One doesn’t realize the role that it plays in ensuring efficient student development.

Some of the positives of setting standards are:

  • Accountability

Standards hold teachers, schools and the districts responsible for what goes on in classrooms. It helps to generate a process of accountability.

  • Achievement

Setting standards helps ensure that higher levels of learning can be attained. It helps teachers improve on the existing system by aiming for a higher achievement.

  • Assessment

It guides teachers in assessing what the student knows or how they can manipulate and apply the information. Once a standard is set, it is easier to compare the student to the standard they are expected to achieve and grade them accordingly.

  • Transparency

Setting standards in schools enables a clear communication and publication processes for everyone involved in child education. It helps to snip corruption at the bud and create a better education system for our children.

From Professional Learning Board’s online continuing education course for teachers: Integrating Standards in Teaching

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