GRADUATE Course – Academic Interventions

“How can I monitor progress towards the Common Core State Standards?“

1 Graduate Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the course fee!
Graduate Credit: 1 Graduate Credit
Instruction Mode: Self-paced, Asynchronous (Online Class)
Time Frame: Enroll and start any time

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Course Description:
This course introduces teachers to STEM and student-centered learning to create and implement a standards-based […]

How can I make my Classroom even more Student-Centered?

How can I make my Classroom even more Student-Centered?

A student-centered classroom is one in which students take an active interest and are directly involved in the process of learning. The teacher structures the lessons taking into consideration the needs of the students both as individuals and as a group; and encourages them to take charge of their own learning.
Students are encouraged […]

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