Teachers in Leadership (1 Iowa LRC – Self Study)

“Find real solutions to everyday problems.”
Type of course: Self-Study
Course Description:
All schools want their students to succeed and lasting impressions can be made when effective changes are made at three principle levels- the school, the educators and the students. This online course explores strategies that can be implemented to bring about school […]

Pedagogy Essentials (1 Iowa LRC – Self Study)

“Tap into educational theory that results in improved student learning.”
Type of course: Self-Study
Course Description:
Teaching amongst the technological advances of the 21st century, brings with it unique challenges of combining education and theory with classroom practice. This three part course is designed to provide teachers the background knowledge and resources they require […]

Raising Academic Achievement (1 Iowa LRC – Self Study)

“Explore successful strategies to carefully evaluate student work and enhance teaching practices”
Type of course: Self-Study
Course Description:
Academic achievement is one of the main objectives in education today. This online course helps teachers gain skills in creating curriculum and assessments that increase academic achievement.
SECTION A: Raising Academic Achievement helps teachers to identify students […]

SELF-STUDY: Mobile Technology in the Classroom (5 hours)

No longer will cell phones distract from learning.
Mobile devices can be an integral part of learning, when used intentionally. Teachers integrate smartphones, tablets, iPads, Kindle and more into everyday classroom activities while achieving learning targets. In this course, teachers learn strategies for procurement of devices, how to screen apps, as well […]

SELF-STUDY: Peer Coaching and Evaluation (15 hours)

Teachers Connecting as Lifelong Learners
The goal of professional development is not only the growth of the teacher, but also the achievement of high education standards, teacher retention, staff collegiality and efficacy. Learning as a community of educators, and from each other is one of the best ways teachers can find encouragement, […]

SELF-STUDY: Money for Classrooms (15 hours)

Save, seek and secure funds.
Need money to meet classroom or school needs?
Every teacher wants to give the best to their students. No one wants a child’s education to be hindered by money or resources. This course provides teachers with well-researched money saving and seeking strategies that can be implemented while working […]

GRADUATE Course – Understanding Special Learning Populations

“Today the chances are good that you know someone with autism or autism – like characteristics.”
“Have you ever come across a child who’s always on the move? They might have ADHD.”
“Gifted learners have competencies and abilities that go two or more years beyond their grade and/or age level.”

1  Graduate Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the course […]

GRADUATE (Adams) Course – Technology for Today’s Classroom

“Technology in education is less about the toolset and skillset and more about the mindset. The teacher’s most prominent role in the digital age is that of lead learner.”

1  Graduate Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the course fee!
Graduate Credit: 1  Graduate Credit
Instruction Mode: Self-paced, Asynchronous (Online Class)
Time Frame: Enroll and start any time

 See inside […]

GRADUATE Course – Standards and Communications in Teaching

“I really enjoyed the course. It was straight forward and easy to use. The instructor was very elaborate in her responses, and helped to clarify questions. All responses were received in a timely manner as well. It was a great course with good pacing and I learned lots of material in a short amount of […]

SELF-STUDY: Supporting Special Needs in the Classroom (10 hours)

“This course is an excellent overview of extremely complex student issues faced by all of us in the teaching profession today.”
Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about supporting special needs in the classroom. This dual course consists of the following 5 hour courses:

Recognition of Early-onset Mental […]

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