Teachers in Leadership (1 Iowa LRC – Self Study)

“Find real solutions to everyday problems.”
Type of course: Self-Study
Course Description:
All schools want their students to succeed and lasting impressions can be made when effective changes are made at three principle levels- the school, the educators and the students. This online course explores strategies that can be implemented to bring […]

Public Speaking For Teachers

Public Speaking For Teachers

Most possess the confidence and skills to speak on a personal level, but public speaking is another thing altogether…
One of the essential characteristics of being an educator is the ability to communicate effectively. A person may be an expert on a particular subject, but if they are unable to communicate it well, the […]

SELF-STUDY: Public Speaking for Teachers (5 hours)

“Discover successful strategies to enhance your public speaking skills, and communicate effectively with your audience”

A competent and resourceful teacher must be able to effectively relate to and communicate with students, the school community, peers, parents and even school support structures such as the school board or the PTA. However, […]

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