PACKAGE: Minnesota Relicensure Package #2 (30 Clock Hours)

“Your courses fit my needs perfectly.
They were ideal for someone who does not
have a great deal of flexibility, and I learned a lot.”
The Minnesota Relicensure Package #2 meets Minnesota relicensure requirements:

Minnesota Relicensure Package #2

# Hours

Cultural Competency Training: Cultural Competency and Responsive Teaching


English Language Learners: Language Acquisition


Mental Health: Recognition of […]

SELF-STUDY: Introduction to Technology for Teachers (5 clock hours)

“This course covers many familiar and emerging technology tools that changed the way I teach and learn. The resources available are astounding!”
This interactive course introduces teachers to technology tools with one goal in mind: increasing teacher comfort level in using the Internet and today’s technology tools for teaching and […]

BYOD in Schools

BYOD in Schools

Technology in learning is something teachers are trying to embrace and integrate into classrooms today. It is thus becoming important to consider how and when we bring in new technology. With schools having tight funding and quickly changing technology, it may be time to start seriously considering the concept of BYOD or bring […]

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