SELF-STUDY: Preparing Students for College and Careers (10 hours)

“How can teachers prepare students to be college and career ready?”
Prepare students for a successful college and career using a range of research-based readiness strategies. Most students aspire to go to college and make a successful career, but few know what it takes to reach their goal. The […]

How Can Schools Help Build A Collaborative Culture To Improve Student Outcomes?

How Can Schools Help Build A Collaborative Culture To Improve Student Outcomes?

Having a Collaborative Culture in your school can enhance learning for everyone. With the sense of teamwork, a school can work together towards the common goal of better education for all.
Collaborative reform shows great promise for ensuring the development of effective, inclusive programs that change teaching practices and improve student outcomes. These changes […]

SELF-STUDY: Action Research for School Improvement (5 hours)

“Find real solutions to everyday problems.”  
Research often conjures up a picture in people’s minds of academics working in isolation for years proving theories. To make a distinction from academic research, those involved in action research participate in ongoing testing and monitoring of improvements in their practice. This course […]

SELF-STUDY: Project Management for Students through Project-based Learning (5 hours)

“Explore project-based learning as a successful way to develop project management skills in your students.”
Project management encompasses a range of skills that are highly prized in the world today and include – research, collaboration, communication, leadership, problem-solving and cooperation. For the education system to truly fulfill its purpose of […]

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