SELF-STUDY: Assistive Communication for Every Classroom (5 hours)

“Improve classroom communication for students with disabilities.”
Students with disabilities face many communication challenges. Combined with possible physical and cognitive disabilities, learning can be compromised. As teachers, it is important to help students with disabilities overcome difficulties to attain and maximize potential in the classroom. This course, helps teachers achieve […]

SELF STUDY: Technology for Student Learning (15 hours)

“Explore how you can use technology to effectively ‘flip’ your classroom and enhance your students’ learning experience.”
Teachers in this course learn to transform a traditional classroom into one that uses technology and embraces classroom engagement. Teachers learn how to critically consider apps and software, specific implications of use and […]

SELF-STUDY: Virtual Field Trips (5 hours)

“Introduce your students to the exciting world of Virtual Field Trips”
It is the wish of every committed teacher to help his or her students connect knowledge gained in the classroom with real life situations and process information in a way that takes them beyond the books. Teachers are constantly […]

SELF-STUDY: Student Portfolios (5 hours)

“Effectively display evidence of your students’ skills to showcase their learning progress.”
Successfully integrate portfolios to enhance students’ development and become an essential part of teaching and learning. Through the resources in this course, teachers are equipped to understand and use portfolios to emphasize the student’s role of taking responsibility […]

SELF-STUDY: Common Core Enhancing Instruction (5 hours)

“Understand and integrate the Common Core Standards into classroom instruction”
Explore practical ways for you to integrate the Common Core Standards into your classroom instruction, to enhance your students’ learning experiences. The Common Core State Standards have set high expectations for all students that by the time they complete […]

SELF-STUDY: Teachers in Leadership (10 hours)

“Have you wondered how you can bring about change or improvement in certain educational issues by taking on a stronger leadership role? Have you also sometimes wished to find solutions to real everyday problems you have encountered in your teaching practice?”
Empower teachers to get actively involved in transformative practices […]

SELF-STUDY: Core Academic Intervention (10 hours)

“How can teachers use tailored academic interventions to help struggling students succeed in meeting the common core standards?”
Changes in standards in the education system are always aimed at helping all students succeed in the general educational setting. In such a setting, teachers play a critical role in identifying those […]

SELF-STUDY: Building School-wide Initiatives (5 hours)

“Develop effective school-based initiatives to impact student learning on a larger scale.”
All schools want their students to succeed, but they can only make a lasting difference when they focus on specific goals and strategies for change. School improvement planning is a process through which schools set goals for improvement, […]

How can Teachers Reinforce Students’ Effort Effectively?

How can Teachers Reinforce Students’ Effort Effectively?

The weighing scale is a very important part of a weight loss program. It shows tangible results of the hours of hard work and determination the person on the program has put in so effort is recognized. This gives the person the much needed push to go on. Have you ever wondered how […]

Why Implement Standards in Schools?

Why Implement Standards in Schools?

Often the importance of setting realistic and achievable standards in schools are underestimated. One doesn’t realize the role that it plays in ensuring efficient student development.
Some of the positives of setting standards are:


Standards hold teachers, schools and the districts responsible for what goes on in classrooms. It helps to generate a process […]

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