GRADUATE Course – Common Core Implementation for All Classrooms

“I learned a great amount from taking the course about effective evaluations. I appreciated the specific examples of how to strategically plan, implement, and monitor student progress to enable mastery of standards in the classroom. Thank you for the attachments and pdf documents for additional classroom resources.”

1  Graduate Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the […]

PACKAGE: Course Package #1 (15 Hours)

“Your courses fit my needs perfectly.
They were ideal for someone who does not
have a great deal of flexibility, and I learned a lot.”
You’ve heard of the everything bagel, Professional Learning Board presents the everything PD course package, The Everything Self-Study Package, which includes the following THREE self-study courses adding […]

Professional Development 1 Credit : Common Core Implementation for All Classrooms

“How often have you sat down after a tiring day in the classroom, wondering if your students benefited in any way?”

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EDUC 600
1 Semester Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the course fee
Professional Development Credit: 1 semester credit issued through the regionally […]

SELF-STUDY: Reflective Teacher (5 hours)

“ Wonder if your students benefit in any way? ”
Have you wondered if your efforts and hard work are paying off? Have you spent time pondering over whether your teaching strategies are appropriate for your class and reviewing the results?
Developing a process of reflective thinking or reflective practice is […]

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