GRADUATE Course – Standards and Communications in Teaching

“I really enjoyed the course. It was straight forward and easy to use. The instructor was very elaborate in her responses, and helped to clarify questions. All responses were received in a timely manner as well. It was a great course with good pacing and I learned lots of material in a short […]

SELF-STUDY: Enhancing the Classroom Learning Environment (10 hours)

“Discover effective ways to ensure your students have an optimal learning environment – both in class and at home”
Welcome to this dual course aimed to help you understand more about enhancing the classroom learning environment. This dual course consists of the following 5 hour courses:

Bulletin Boards- Ideas for Every […]

How Can I Respond to Parents Who Seem Indifferent?

How Can I Respond to Parents Who Seem Indifferent?

An “Indifferent” Parent is one who may be unresponsive or often absent. There are multiple reasons for a parent to demonstrate a lack of involvement; however, not caring about the student is not one of them. This parent may have had a bad educational experience themself, may feel inadequate to help out, may […]

SELF STUDY: Partnering With Parents (5 hours)

Do you have a child you know can soar
if she had extra help learning at home?
Partnering with parents is a way to support students.
Many parents need motivation and support to help them partner with the teacher. In our profession as teachers, we must partner with the parents of our […]

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