GRADUATE Course – Standards and Communications in Teaching

“I really enjoyed the course. It was straight forward and easy to use. The instructor was very elaborate in her responses, and helped to clarify questions. All responses were received in a timely manner as well. It was a great course with good pacing and I learned lots of material in a short […]

GRADUATE Course – Reaching Diverse Learners

“I really appreciate the abundance of ideas for teaching ELLs that I learned in this course. There were so many techniques and ideas shared, and I feel as if I have a toolbox to use in my classroom.”
“This was a great course. Thank you for the opportunity to gather useful, practical information that […]

GRADUATE Course – Common Core Implementation for All Classrooms

“I learned a great amount from taking the course about effective evaluations. I appreciated the specific examples of how to strategically plan, implement, and monitor student progress to enable mastery of standards in the classroom. Thank you for the attachments and pdf documents for additional classroom resources.”

1  Graduate Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the […]

GRADUATE Course – Cognitive Skills: Understanding Learning Challenges

“When a task is given in school,
why does one student take thirty minutes to complete it
and another only eight minutes?”

1  Graduate Credit

Grading: A-F
Materials: Included in the course fee!
Graduate Credit: 1  Graduate Credit
Instruction Mode: Self-paced, Asynchronous (Online Class)
Time Frame: Enroll and start any time


See inside this course…

Course Description:
We all know the brain plays a […]

PACKAGE: Accommodating All Students Package (25 Hours)

“WOW is all I can say! It was an accident that I found your site and what you had to offer. So far EVERYTHING with PLB has been top notch!”
Each classroom comes with a range of students with varied needs, learning levels and abilities. Teachers are thus faced […]

PACKAGE: Technology (25 Hours)

“Thanks for making professional development relevant, easy, practical and affordable! PLB is simply the BEST!”
Technology has become an integral part of life and learning patterns in the 21st century. The internet, iPads and smart phones are just a few tech tools that can enhance knowledge and understanding. This technology […]

PACKAGE: Reading (20 Hours)

“These courses gave me the tools that I was looking for to help my students who needed me most. Very informative and useful lessons – best ever!”
Reading is an essential component of learning and a crucial educational skill. Often, when students struggle within a specific subject matter, it is […]

PACKAGE: Assessment and Evaluation (20 hours)

“I was very impressed with the quality and the presentation of the content – it made for an engaging and enjoyable experience.”
Successful implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is rooted in being able to identify the areas where students need support most, through effective processes of evaluation […]

PACKAGE: 21st Century Learning (25 Hours)

”I have already highly recommended PLB to my colleagues. I was truly pleased with the content, the pace and the links provided in these courses.”
With the many advancements of the 21st century comes the urgent need for teaching approaches that allow teachers to stay confidently abreast of the many […]

PACKAGE: Classroom Planning and Management (15 Hours)

“These courses did an excellent job teaching what they were meant to. Thanks for enriching online courses which taught me a lot of information, that I look forward to using when I go back to work!”
Even the best of teachers, with the noblest intentions are often weighed down by […]

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